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Jennifer Knox: Actress age, Biography, wiki, net worth

jennifer knox

Known for her remarkable writing skills and excellent poems Jennifer Knox is ruling the world with her talent. She has bagged a lot of awards and is known to be the queen of writing. Born and brought up in Mojave Desert she is from a middle class family but has an open mindset.

Jennifer’s father was an accountant and her mother was a speech therapist. She is known for her bold and sarcastic way of writing and expressing her thoughts in her poems.

Life of Jennifer Knox

Based in Lancaster, California, she did her BA from Iowa University and her MFA from New York University in poetry composition. Jennifer Knox was loved by her teachers and was a brilliant student throughout her studies.

She has studied poetry composition at Hunter College and New York University. Her thesis also featured in Gulf Coast, a zine scene.

 Her poems appears in the following anthologies:

  • Best American Poetry (2011, 2006, 2003 and 1997);
  • Best American Erotic Poems: From 1800 to the Present;
  • Great American Prose Poems: From Poe to Present
  • Free Radicals: Contemporary Poets before Their First Words.

Jennifer Knox poetry style

Jennifer L. Knox’s poetry is really bold and honest. Her poems are full of humor, pop culture, and profanity quite often. No restriction, she delves into modern America’s pop culture now. Good syntax, hyperbole, and metaphors are used by Knox. Jennifer Knox pimp my ride was the most loved work of hers including Jennifer Knox blacklist also

What is interesting about Knox’s writing is that she seems willing to say almost anything that sounds like it might be self-indulgent but transforms into a strong, idiosyncratic account of American culture in her hands. She described her reader as “a guy, dressed like a lady, over 40 but wider than a mile, 9 feet tall, all that, is a Camaro owner… happily answers all telephone surveys”

jennifer knox instagram

“My poems were often described as” sarcastic “and” ironic “in workshops — but no label ever made sense to me. I’m not sarcastic, and the irony is, like, The Gift of the Magi, right?” She’s been described as using Menippean satire ever since.

Famous books of Jennifer Knox

  • Jennifer L. Knox (1 January 2005). A Gringo likes me. Soft Skull Press. 
  • Drunk By Noon Bloof Books, 2007
  • Wir Fürchten Uns Lux Books, 2008
  • The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway Bloof Books, 2010
  • Days of Shame and Failure Bloof Books, 2015

Poetry of Jennifer Knox

  • Fat Cats, Skinny Rats
  • “Pimp my Ride”. 
  •  Between Menus
  • You are a Strategy
  • Baywatch
  • In the Canyons, Hidden Farms
  • The Aqueduct’s Up There Somewhere
  • Let’s Go Away for Awhile

Influences of Jennifer Know

We all have influences in our life and love to follow them in our real life also. Jennifer Knox too has a lot of influences some of which are: Richard Hugo, Denis Johnson, James Galvin, Wallace Stevens and James Tate, and fiction writers Italo Calvino and Kenzaburō Ōe.

The social life of Jennifer Knox

Jennifer has a huge fan following and her fans love to stay connected with her. Jennifer also keeps on posting pictures and also keeps her fans updated with the ongoing of her life. Also, her fans can follow Jennifer Knox Instagram where she is seen active always.



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