Eric Frank – American Actor Biography, Birthday and Death

Eric Frank
Eric Frank

American actor Eric Frank

Born14 October 1971
Born inCovina California
Died16 April 2001 age (29 years old)
Died inLos Angeles California (U.S.A)
RoesPower Rangers Zeo
Eric Frank

Eric Frank – American Actor Biography

In childhood, all of you must have seen Power Rangers at some time or friends, know about Power Ranger Zeo artist David Trueheart whose real name was Eric Frank.

Eric Frank is an American actor who played Tommy Oliver’s older, long-lost brother David Trierhart on Power Rangers Zio. He was the real-life elder brother of actor Jason David Frank.

Eric Frank was a very expert artist, the role played by them is very much liked by the people. Power Rangers was a favorite program of children, so children were liked by Eric Frank (David Trueheart) the most.

Death of Eric Frank

When Eric Frank was 29, he died on 16 April 2001 due to unspecified illness.


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