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Boonk Gang – wiki, Age, Biography, Net worth

Boonk Gang

Let’s get to know about one of the most controversial artist and stuntmen and know about where is Boonk Gang now and his life.

What is Boonk Gang real name?

John Robert Hill Jr. aka Boonk Gang (born August 3, 1996) is an American-born artist and stuntman for social media. Nonetheless, the administrators removed his Boonk Gang Instagram account.

What is Boonk Gang meaning?

Boonk Gang is just a catastrophe name given by John to his stuntman image. The artist is known for posting his videos performing stunts and stealing things.

Biography Description
Full Name/Birth Name John Robert Hill Jr.
Nick name Boonk Gang.
Working As 1. Rapper.
2. Social Media Stuntman.
Age Twenty-One (22) years old, as of 2019.
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday 3rd August 1996.
Birthplace/Hometown Miami Garden (South Florida, USA).
Nationality American.

What happened to Boonk Gang?

Boonk Gang was detained and his accounts on social media were deactivated. It is because he has breached the content posted on his page. He had posted a video on June 1, 2018 (Sunday) with a lady who claims to be a stripper. He’s done nothing to block. His website was come down at the same time.

He’d had about 5m+ followers during that time. Even, he needs to give social media a fresh start. Today, he’s on a trip to visit various cities across the USA. South Florida police had got Boonk Gang arrested in 2017 for a complaint of Boonk Gang stealing donuts from a store. He subsequently released himself from prison.

What Is Boonk Gang’s Age?

He was born in Miami Gardens (South Florida, USA), on 3 August 1996. Hence in 2019, his age is twenty-two (22) years old.  He is also the son of John Robert Hill Sr. (father) and his mother Simona Ariel.

boonk gang meme

His father filed for divorce. Eventually, Mom Simona, of Gang, married Dirk Marshal William Jr. He belongs to the American and Afro-American nationalities.

Some quick facts about Boonk Gang

  • One of Boonk Gang song is “Mutton” which was a chartbuster of that time
  • He’s had his music set downloaded on iTunes.
  • He is actually the owner of an online clothing store.
  • His face was covered in tattoos.
  • He recently created a label for the album “A Traditional Latin Groove.”
  • Boonk Gang Jaw is a set of fake metal teeth installed.
  • However, he doesn’t like to share details about the dating history

What gang is Boonk in?

Boonk is a person and a self-made artist who is in no gang and performs as an individual. He has never joined any gang and whatever he does is his creativity and style.

boonk gang meaning

Boonk and wiki and other details

John has a dream of buying a Porsche as he loves to drive supercars. In fact, his closet includes a great collection of licensed accessories. He has usually posted articles about stealing the chicken from a restaurant.

It won him some 1.22 million views on his debut post. He does this so it can continue him advance his career as an artist. As of now, Boonk Gang’s estimated net worth is about $100,000 US dollars (USD) as it was in 2019.

When did Boonk Gang die?

Sometime in 2018, Boonk Gang became seemingly absent, and his famous Instagram account was shut down which had millions of followers in July 2018. That led to a great deal of confusion among his followers, who needed to know what had happened.

boonk gang dead

 Several accounts had been confirmed Boonk Gang dead. News of his death listed factors ranging from a fatal shooting to a narcotics accident. They were nothing but hoax as Boonk Gang is alive and is living a comfortable life. he owns a clothing range and his life is at correct pace now.

Why did Boonk Gang get his mouth wired shut?

Boonk Gang suffered an accident in which he was hit by a smaller man in his jaw. This led to severe injury and the doctors had to stick it for 6 weeks which was posted by Boonk on his social media handle.

 The incident was also told to a press reporter in, Boonk Gang interview, where he talked about the struggle and also discussed his future plans of giving up on stealing and stunts and leads a normal life.



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